other women

Dear Sara -

Do you really find it puzzling that you would be having sad dreams about your husband, now that he has been sentenced to prison for four years? I would be sad too. It is a sad time for you, and your dreams are reflecting this. You should be celebrating your honeymoon.

You write that for about five days after he left you had sad dreams about him becoming involved with other women. These worries are natural enough. Whenever lovers or spouses are separated for a long time there are concerns about fidelity and keeping the relationship together. If you two are committed to each other, then this will have to be a storm you weather, and you both need to be strong. When your husband gets out, make a resolution together that you don’t want to go through this type of experience again. Make a vow to live the good life, and to stay away from situations that run the risk of trouble like this. It’s not worth it, is it?

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