pregnancy test

Hi Catherine—

Elevators in dreams represent vehicles that take us to “new locations” in our lives. You and your boyfriend wish to watch a movie together (the plans you have for your future?) but the elevators don’t work. When elevators do not work in dreams, it represents unexpected difficulty arriving at a goal or destination.

Similarly, it is not a coincidence that the goal you seek to reach is on the 6th floor of the building. The big goal you have in your life right now—becoming an MD—will require six years of sacrifice as well—climbing the steps of success in school—to arrive at your goal of being a doctor.

The other goal in your life right now is to make a child with your boyfriend. This goal emerges as a clinical picture of a woman’s body in the dream—with a baby inside—which then becomes a baby inside yourself. Because you have been trying to conceive, the dream includes a pregnancy test that is ominously positive. In the dream you feel the happiness that becoming a mother will bring. The final image of the dream alludes to the old wives’ tale of your teeth becoming weak when you are pregnant. As you try to kiss your boyfriend, you can’t get the gum juice off your face!

Is your dream a sign? Do your cravings of sushi, and your weak teeth, both indicate that something wonderful has begun inside you? The only way to know if this dream was precognitive or not—is to put on your doctor’s hat—and go buy a home pregnancy kit! This is a diagnosis you want to make!

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