premature labor

Hi Anonymous—

By the time you read this dream, you are most likely the proud mother of a healthy new baby, delivered on time and without any extraordinary complications in childbirth. Congratulations!

Your dream, however, no doubt caused you a fair amount of consternation pre-delivery. And you ask an excellent question. What is the meaning of dreams like these -- these realizations of our worst fears -- that leave us heart-racing, with tears flowing, and gasping for breath as we emerge, gratefully, finally, from the clutches of the Incubus?

The answer to your question is twofold. The true meaning of your dream is that you were, as is every expectant mother, concerned about the possibility of a pre-mature delivery. You had the dream when you were 34 weeks pregnant, and in the dream you also were in your 34th week. Generally speaking, 37 weeks is the cutoff for premature babies. In your case, you had three weeks to go to "safety," and naturally you were concerned about getting past the danger zone. Every mother fears complications that could harm her baby's chances for success.

Fortunately, as you now know, your dream also did not "mean" anything -- at least not in the sense that you feared most -- that it might be precognitive or indicative of problems that lay ahead. It is a curiosity of dreams, often commented upon, that we always seem to remember our worst dreams: of friends or lovers dying, of plane crashes, or of natural disasters. But it is an important dream skill to be able to discern between true warning dreams, which are indicative of trouble ahead, and dreams which are simple representations of our fears. In your case, you had a rational reason to fear a premature delivery, yet you also had every reason to expect a normal, healthy pregnancy. Judging from your dream report, you are a healthy woman without any adverse indicators. What's the rule of thumb? When you don't have a reason to suspect otherwise, chalk it up to one of those nagging anxiety dreams! For better or worse, they're surprisingly common!

Congratulations on your baby!

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