My fiance and I split up several months ago, and since that time I have had vivid dreams about us. As time has passed they have occurred with less frequency. Most of the dreams have been about past events between us, but the one I am questioning seems very bizarre and unreal to me. In the dream, he and I are still engaged but I have not been able to convince him to set a date yet. I am giving birth to our first child (I have no children in real life, nor am I pregnant), and the dream skips from me starting to have contractions to the hospital after giving birth. He is not in the hospital room after the birth, and my family is reluctant to let me see the baby, which is a boy. Finally, the nurse brings the baby in, and he has earrings in his ears! A gold ball is in one ear, and a gold hoop is in the other. I am completely flabbergasted, and scream “Who did this to my baby?,” to which the nurse replies “The father.” I am extremely upset about him doing this without my consent, but still want to get married. I convince my fiancee to meet us at a high school choral concert, not letting him know that a preacher is going to be there to marry us. I am standing with our families by the preacher when he comes in. I become upset thinking that I won’t get to have “the big wedding” with a wedding cake and a long, white dress. I become depressed when I realize that I will be married in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt while holding a newborn baby. The concert is in my high school gym, and when my fiancee enters the gym, he realizes what I have planned. He says that he won’t marry me, and we get into an argument. As we are fighting they decide to start the choral concert, and we have to yell above the singing to hear each other. He tells me again that he refuses to marry me, and I run off into the woods with the baby, crying. I keep running, with the baby in my arms, and my fiancee and my parents chasing after me. That’s where the dream ends and I wake up.

Thanks for your help! 

--Andrea, Age 21, Columbia, SC, USA

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