Hi Yvonne -

What a dream! I know how these ones feel. They are emotional and we know they are significant - but the meaning can remain elusive to us - which is puzzling...

Taking your entire dream in context, I am left curious if it doesn’t reflect pressures you may be feeling to get married - or to get involved in a more serious relationship?

Would you consider that the beginning part of the dream reflects your current thoughts about marriage? You are in a house that you are going to share with friends (two couples?), and you are making housing decisions - about the cable versus the satellite tv. You do not like the house - it is ugly and poorly decorated - and you are worried about Stacy - about getting her to work on time, per her parent’s direction, because she is depressed. I think it is possible that Stacy symbolically reflects your feelings about getting married at this time. If so, your parents may be encouraging you to “get going” - but you may not like your prospects, as represented by the dark apartment and Stacy’s depression. Your concern about the time most likely indicates the pressure you feel to get to this next stage of relationship.

I think it is also significant that your car - which will take to you to this next destination - is parked on the roof of the neighboring building. This indicates to me that your inner voice or intuition (your higher self, as represented by the car on the roof) is causing you to hesitate from becoming “engaged” in a marriage or serious relationship too soon.

I can say the above only in context to the rest of your dream, which clearly reflects some level of anxiety about getting married. (Which, I might add, is entirely natural for someone your age). I don’t know if you are married or not, but I do think marriage (or serious relationship) is on your mind. And you are hearing a clock ticking.

The “lady with long brown hair and a tight black dress with a huge engagement ring” most likely represents an ideal you hold in your mind about marriage. As you say, you felt “intimidated and jealous of her all at the same time.” She is urban and sophisticated, and obviously sexy. In her “mature” presence you felt like a child - represented by your flashback (regression) in the dream to age 9 or 10. I think this part of the dream reflects a sexual intimidation you may feel around older, more experienced women. In truth, you are so nervous in this woman’s presence that you can not even speak directly to her when you ask her to “set you up with a husband.” This is why your point of view suddenly shifts to the “third person” as you ask. But then you answer the question yourself immediately with “But not now I am too little!”

I think the end of your dream reflects the jealous side of your attraction to this woman. You are pleased to learn that the high school teacher (who you have a crush on) will be unable to marry the woman she has set-up for him. Are you already beginning to compete with her for men? :-) I think the high school instructor represents the type man you may have decided - a long time ago - that you would like to marry. And you are pleased that this type of woman does not have complete power over this type of man.

The best advice I can give you is that there certainly is no rush to get married or involved in a serious relationship. Both will happen when they do, and in the meantime you can enjoy their eventual arrival. Stick with your intuition and your higher self as a guide, and you’ll make all the right moves.


Thank you very much for the interpretation!!! You know, I think you really hit it on the button. I am not feeling too much like that anymore. I think that a lot of those feelings were steming from the 4 weddings of my friends that I was a bridesmaid for during that time. It’s hard to not feel like you should be getting married when a lot of your friends are!!! Well, thanks again.

Yvonne :-)

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