I desperately need your help. Here's the situation: I have trouble with relationships. I'm always getting hurt and I just finally decided, "Hey, what's the point" and I don't ever want to get somewhat involved in a relationship again.

But then I had this dream....and in my dream I met this guy. It was like I was living a whole other life. He was everything I've ever wanted and we fell in love, it was so real. I could feel and taste and hear EVERYTHING, it wasn't like a dream at all. But then he died and I woke up crying, but when I went back to sleep I dreamt that we were together again, having snowball fights, kissing, holding hands....but he died again right before I woke up crying.

This continued throughout the night. When I got up the next day, he was all I could think about and I felt pain as if I had been in love with him and he really did die. I still feel it. Now every night when I go to sleep, he's there, in my dreams and we have a relationship, but every time right before I wake up he dies. I've heard that dreams are your second life and is it possible that this could be happening in my second life? I just really need help because I don't know how to deal with this pain I'm feeling.

- Lira, Age 14, Anioch, CA, USA

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