A little history: I am a Muslim girl and in our religion sex before marriage is forbidden. I love reading Mills and Boons and my mom doesn't want me to read them and I'm forbidden to read them. But I used to flinch them from her shelf and read them. I am still a virgin and I don't have a boyfriend. The dream: I flinch 2 books from my mom's shelf and slide them into my jamies and go to my room. I'm lying in bed. In my jamies it's a white pajama with pink and blue floral print.

I'm reading a trashy Mills and Boons when this guy comes and throws himself next to me on the bed. He's really hunky with black hair (in reality no such person exists). I know him - he's a friend. He's older than me. He lies down on the other side of my sofa bed next to the wall. He takes the book from my hand and says "Aren't you a little young to be reading this trash" and I say "No, I'm going to be 18 in 1.5 months - then no one's going to tell me what to do anymore. I'll be a full-fledged citizen. Old enough" I take the book back from him.

Then I'm reading the book again. He's wearing black jeans and a white shirt 1/2 open at the front. I can see his chest hair. I slide my foot up his jean slightly to rub my foot against his legs all the while reading then I realize the book I'm reading is about us. I know that we are either sleeping together or will sleep together very soon. Then he turns towards me and holds my face in his hand and says here's the plan...

After that there are three scenes of three consecutive days of me with a friend (girl) and him flirting with a girl he's brought on a date - a different girl every time. He's always staring at my friend and I always comment on his dates.

Raabia, Age 17, MULTAN, PAKISTAN

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