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Book Description

From Airplanes To Weddings... What Do Your Dream Symbols Really Mean?

In this remarkable book, dream doctor Charles Lambert McPhee, founder of the celebrated website askthedreamdoctor.com, helps you unlock the hidden meaning in your dreams and transform your waking life. Drawing on hundreds of thousands of dreams sent to his website, he provides expert interpretations based on years of expertise and experience. Alphabetized for easy reference, filled with more than 160 real-life dreams from people around the world, Ask the Dream Doctor will help you unravel many common dream symbols, including:

Airplane crash... Are your dreams precognitive? Are they warnings?
Car... Are you driving your car [symbol of self]—or letting someone else to drive it? Is it “out of control”?
Chase nightmares... What disturbing feelings are you avoiding? Are you procrastinating a big decision?
House... What is your “dream” house like? It can reveal more about you than anything in waking life.
Sex... It’s not always the obvious. Discover what underlies one of the most common dream symbols.
Tornado... Are you in an intense emotional or family conflict? Your dreams may be trying to "wake you up."
Water... Learn about the kind of dream that alerts you to see a sleep doctor immediately!

Excerpts below...

from Chapter 1 Human Sleep
from Chapter 2 Dream Sleep
from Chapter 3 Consciousness During Dream Sleep

from Chapter 4 The Body of Time

from Chapter 5 Why We “Sleep” Through Our Dreams

from Chapter 6 Consciousness in the Dream Lab

from Chapter 7 Myths and Truths About Dreams

from Chapter 8 Techniques for Awakening Consciousness in the Dreamscape

from Chapter 9 The Language of Dreams

from Chapter 10 Duality and Unity

from Chapter 11 Searching for Consciousness

from Chapter 12 Mental Health