I had this dream the other night about this guy that I was very emotionally involved with (until I moved away). I don’t usually dream about people I know, and this dream was awfully strange.

In my dream, my friend and I were at my school and every day we had a class out in the soccer fields (which don’t have any nets right now) and it was unusually warm for where I live. And every day he would leave something behind. Some days it was a shoe and one day a stereo...and many other things.

Every day I stayed behind and picked up these things, and a few days I just slept on the fields so I didn’t have to carry these things (the field is very large).

I really love/loved this guy, and I haven’t seen him in a year. I haven’t been involved with anyone else since then, but he was. I still talk to him on a regular basis though and don’t quite know how I feel about him right now.

- Mandie, Age 16, Sault, MI, USA

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