I think I have been having lucid dreams lately. They happen quite frequently. I will be asleep on my bed and it will be very dark. I try my best to wake up but I can’t. I feel like something is holding me down.

Recently, in one of them, two blue, fuzzy figures were around me. One in front and one on my right side. I think neither of them is on my left because I sleep next to a wall on my left. I can tell that I am on my bed.

Sometimes, I try to speak as well, saying things like “Help me!” These dreams truly terrify me. I also hear a buzzing sound in my dreams. The more I try to wake up, the louder this buzzing sound gets. And when I do wake up, it is extremely easy for me to fall right back asleep.

I hope you can help me to stop these dreams or tell me how to handle them because I feel extremely terrified throughout and after my dreams.

—Amanda, Age 15, Single, Female, SINGAPORE

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