I am 14 years old and have been having a series of recurring dreams. Actually, they have been prequels and sequels to one another, but very frightening. The first was at a church and my friends and I were preparing for a graduation/confirmation type event. We were all quite excited except that one thought sat in the back of my mind. The thought was that they (the runners -my teachers- of the ceremony) were going to kill us after the ceremony as almost an offering. It was a ritual. I remember going to a temple to rehearse the actual killing. My friends planned to escape that event. The temple was full of people’s most priceless belongings; jewels, money, keepsakes. We (my 3 closest friends and I) thought of taking as much as we could before the actual ceremony. I ended up taking 4 wine glasses, one for each of my friends and one to remember that night.

The second of the dreams was the actual ceremony. Everyone was so excited but I was scared. I kept thinking of the killing afterward. The ceremony ended and it was time to go to the temple. I broke away from the line and ran to my mother, bawling. We weren’t even going to get a chance to say goodbye. I refused to go to the temple. My mother explained to me that I didn’t have too, but that all of my friends would be there and it would be like a party. We wouldn’t even feel the gas that would kill us. I still refused. My most hated teacher tried to make me go but I ran away. My last thoughts were that I didn’t get to say goodbye to my best friends. I think that this came about because of my actual middle school graduation and the big step up to the high school.

I would like further explanation of the death and the wine glasses though. Thank you.

--Confused and Frightened, Age 14, N. Kingstown, RI, USA

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