I have had three dreams in the last two weeks that have troubled me. All three of the dreams were that my girlfriend left me. I am really worried about this because I feel I have finally found the girl that I have always been waiting for.

I am always happy when I am around her, and I think that she feels the same way too. The bizzare thing about my dreams is that I end up doing something stupid - just before or right after she leaves me. In my most recent dream I hit her across the face when she left me. I would never even think of doing something like this to a woman normally.

In one of my dreams I was back in high school and I had to catch the bus that my girlfriend was on. I caught the bus, but when I saw my girlfriend I started acting like a spoiled little kid and she left me.

My dreams probably sound pretty bizarre, but I would love to know if you can make any sense of them. Thank you very much.

- Anonymous, Age 18, USA

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