Ever since I was a young girl (I am now 15) I have had a recurring dream.

It begins on the street I consider the one I grew up on, although I have moved since, and many times pervious to, that particular street. I am standing at the corner a few houses down from my house, and I begin to run. But under my legs the wind is rough and it feels like something is tying my legs down. I also get the feeling everytime I am running from my mother.

Sometimes I see her if I look behind me. She is almost chasing me with an angry expression on her face. When I push and pull my legs from the ground I begin to fly. This comes after a struggle to run and after short gallops down the sidewalk.

After I have hit the air and am flying, seemingly as if against the wind, I peer down and see my mother. I fly around the town and I am crying. Sometimes I would wake up and be sobbing.

I have no idea if this is to do with my mom, or the neighborhood, or what not. I am consistently confused by this dream, and even years after its last recurrence it plagues me.

Please help.

- Samantha, Age 15, Female, Single, Celina, OH, USA

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