I am 16 years old and I have just recently moved to Hobart, T.A.S. I have had 3 dreams about the same thing since we’ve been here. I dreamed that my teeth were falling out and that they were floating around in my mouth. I could feel them as if it was really happening. It didn’t hurt or anything and I was thinking to myself, “How embarrasing, I can’t go around like this.”

The dream changes each time and it builds up into an easier explanation. The first time,about 5 or 6 teeth came out and they were in my mouth floating around. The second time about 1 or 2 came out and the rest were wobbly. The third time, some teeth at the front were being pushed down by pointy ones.

Long before I had these dreams, my mum had dreamed that her teeth came out. Could you please tell me what this means?

- Ruth, Age 16, Hobart, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA

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