I'm 18 years old (going on 19 in 3 months). Practically as long as I can remember I've been having dreams of flying. I haven't made any connection between what's going on in my life when I DO (or DID) have the dreams, but I've had them as long as I can remember.

All I do to fly is just flap my wings like some kind of bird. The dreams when I fly are all different (none of them recurring), but I'm flying, none-the-less. You have to know I have an unrealistic fear of heights in real life. But in my dreams I'm so at peace flying, and not scared at all. (Not even when I go in for a landing. I'm NOT afraid of falling - unlike in real life!)

Could this mean anything in particular? Is part of me working something out because of recent events (what ever they may be), or is it just my self-conscious helping me get used to my dreaded fear of heights?? Of course, I used to be a big fan of Superman!

In my dreams sometimes I'm flying in circles over my backyard. One time I dreamt I was flying near the ceiling of my living room! But most times I'm just flying around for the heck of it (if I remember right). Either way I'd like to know what this all may mean.


—Kristy, Age 18, Single, Loveland, OH, USA

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