I was at this camp and I was marching in a line with a fat woman with an oar in her hand saying “No swimming with headphones on!” Well, we passed a big hole with a girl in it and a pair of headphones in it. I saw the headphones and jumped right in. I was about to put them on when I saw the girl. She told me that “I will never leave the hole!” Well, I somehow climbed out and got back in line. We were headed towared a pool and I went right for the diving board. I jumped off of it and (in mid air) remembered my headphones. When I hit the water nothing happened, then I started to drown and get electrocuted at the same time! The girl next to me just smiled and waved at me. When I woke up my brain actually thought that this was really happening to me and I was getting this shocking feeling (it really hurt too). Why?

- Jasmine, Age 14, Rapid City, SD, USA

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