I was in my school’s main hallway dressed up in my Juliet costume for Halloween. I was walking with my friend Erin when I noticed Justin, my current crush, at his locker. Suddenly, Erin became my friend Sarah. I went over to him to say hi and to try to figure out who the girl is that’s in a picture that he has taped to the inside door of his locker (the picture is there in real life), but it was covered by a book (I don’t know why he had a book taped to the door of his locker). Then some of his friends came by and they all sat down to talk, so I left. I walked down the hall to the cafeteria, looked in, and turned back around to go find someone to hang out with. I saw my friend Lana and she called me over but before I went, Justin stood up and called out to me. He came up and invited me to a couple of parties. I said OK. We then had to go to first period, which for me, ended up being Drama (which is actually my 2nd period). There were desks in there (not unusual) but a lot of them had computers on them (unusual). Some, however, didn’t have computers on them, and I ended up in one. Mrs. J (my drama teacher) told me I looked pretty in my costume. We were watching on the computers and on a big screen up front a mansion that got blown up. It somehow changed into the Titanic sinking. We watched a woman blown, by a big force, from the Titanic, into the water and she hit something off the ship and went unconscious. Then the movie ended and we went into the hallway of our school and there was a big circle of chairs and we all sat down and were watching something in the middle of the circle. The lights were off and there was only this dim glow from outside. Justin was sitting two chairs away from me. The two people between us, which were two of my friends, got up and left and he motioned for me to come sit beside him. I did. He took my hand and held it. I laid my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I was really happy.

The End

-Amanda, Age 16, Evansville, IN, USA

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