I had this boyfriend who I was madly in love with and I told him if he started doing drugs, it was over. He hadn’t talked to me for awhile and then I called him and he told me he was doing drugs again and by that time I was so taken with him that I didn’t care. Still we broke up.

About a month or two later I had a dream. There was a cliff and all my friends were hanging off it about ready to fall. I tried to help them one at a time but I couldn’t. No matter what I did, they kept falling. My ex-boyfriend was there too. I woke up crying.

Then like the next night or so, I had almost the same dream except it was just him. I ran to the edge of the cliff and grabbed his hand trying to pull him up. He looked me straight in the eyes and said, “It’s all your fault.” I watched him fall until I woke up with tears in my eyes.


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