Over the weekend, I had a very peculiar dream. I’ve always been very involved in the drama program in my school. I’ve recently been thinking about quitting the whole idea of acting or performance, because I just plain suck at it.

In this dream I had the lead role in some play, I’m not sure which one, but it seemed like they just put me on the stage without any practice. I didn’t know any of my lines and the person directing the orchestra in the pit kept having to stop because I missed an entrance or something like that.

I finally got so embarrassed that I ran off the stage crying. Then the director yelled at me for like 30 minutes, about how I wasn’t prepared and should’ve worked harder and things like that.

Is it possible that this is a sign that maybe I shouldn’t be in acting - because I might flip out on stage and become totally frozen and scared out of my mind??

- Karla, Delafield, WI, USA

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