There is this new guy at work named Dylan, and I like him so much although he has a girlfriend who he has been with for 8 months. He told me that he wants to be a cook later in life.

Our work went on a Xmas cruise last week (Tuesday) and today is Monday. On the cruise, we were both really wild and got onto each other (kissed). The dream I have been having is that, he drives me home from work one night, and we go to a friend’s house where they are having a dinner party (which none of them would), and he walks in with a chef uniform on and puts a basket of dirty washing on the table and they all start laughing. Then I wake up.

I have had this dream 4 nights in a row and it is really making me depressed. I wish he would dump his girlfriend because this dream is making me love him more and more. I don’t think I can work in the same place as him because the dream is ruining my life!!!

- Emma, Age 15, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA

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