All right, here’s my dilemma:

I really like this girl who’s in my Bio and Health classes. When I think of her I feel this feeling I’ve never felt before, even with my old girlfriend when I met her. She is your normal girl who is sorta popular. I’m a punk/hardcore music kid, and I’m not very outspoken. I am 15, 5 ft 7in and weigh 175. I REALLY like her. I don’t know if she likes me, but she has looked at me a few times.

I’ve had 2 dreams about her:

1. She is in a truck in my driveway (she’s the driver) and she asks if anyone wants to go to the movies with her. I immediately say yes. I go to get ready, and after what seems like 15-30 mins in the dream, she says she’s leaving cuz I’m taking too long. She leaves with a guy and another girl. Also, in the dream her hair is short, but in real life it is long.

2. I can’t really remember what this one was, but I think I dated her in it.

I was thinking I could ask a friend of hers if she has a boyfriend. If no, I could ask her to find out if she likes me. I would then MAYBE write a note to her that says the lyrics to MxPx’s “Without You” (go to to see how it goes). What should I do?

—Jay, Age 15, Single, Male, USA

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