A little history first...

ast spring I went out with this guy, Paul, who pressured me to do some activities that I didn’t want to do, and yet I did them. I knew that I didn’t like him while I was going out with him, but just led him on to get a former boyfriend jealous. Finally, I realized I was being an idiot so I broke up with him. He was really upset. We were in the same theatre group and he’d always be giving me horrible looks and making mean comments towards me. I tried to be nice, but after a while I did the same back to him. Just recently, he called me and told me he was thinking about me. I’m really scared that he likes me again. Right now I am extremely happy in another relationship with the most perfect guy in the whole world (we’ll call him “Christian”).

The dream...

It’s in the winter when I had this dream, but in my dream it’s summer. It’s around the 4th of July (I broke up with Paul just before this date last year). I’m over at Christian’s house down my block (weird thing is that he lives 15 minutes away from me in real life). I had to go so I told him we’d do something later. Once I get home, Paul is standing there in a tuxedo and my brother is talking to him (my brother didn’t like him or trust him). Paul glares at me, but in a way that looks like he’s angry but likes me again. Very quietly I say hi and sneak inside. Paul follows me and stalks me a little bit, giving me uncomfortable looks. I go upstairs into my room and get my phone, ready to call Christian. I wanted him to come and scare Paul away. I reach for the phone, and it’s broken. The whole time I am panicking because I feel like Paul is going to come in any second. My bed kept getting bigger and every time I looked at it I was scared that Paul was going to come in and push me into it. But then all of a sudden I’m at the street across from our house, and we’re having a BBQ. Paul is still there. He’s standing about 5 feet away and just looking at me. I’m sitting on a swing and then Christian comes and sits with me and holds me. Then Paul sort of slinks away.

Can you interpret any of this dream for me?? I would really appreciate it. I think it might have to do with me not letting go of my past, which I’ve also been trying to hide from Christian because he’s so innocent and stuff. Thanks for everything!!

- Raquela, Age 14, North Haledon, NJ, USA

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