I am an extremely big fan of NSync and I think that Justin Timberlake is so hot. I don’t love him, but I do have feelings for him, and now that he’s dating Britney Spears, I am jealous.

Well, actually, I never liked her in the first place. I like her music sometimes, but everything about her I hate. She dresses like a whore, which I think gives kids the wrong message. I just can’t stand her.

I always have dreams of Nsync and Justin (they’re always kind of different each time, most of Justin’s are of a romantic nature.) Now I’m having dreams of Britney Spears. In my dreams, she’s not an enemy, she’s always nice and we’re kinda like friends.

When I wake up, I feel so mad that we are friends because I have so much anger for her. What does this mean?


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