My older sister and I were sitting in my basement right across from the laundry washer and dryer, with our backs up against the wall. We were sitting next to each other, maybe 4-5 feet apart, and she was blowing up balloons, and handing them to me..first was yellow, and I said something about it being like warm sunshine...or something really wierd to that effect, and then I put it down next to me. Then she handed me a blue one, I don’t recall what I said about that one, but I put it down next to the yellow one. Then she handed me a red one, and as I took it in my hands it popped. It hurt my ears really bad, and knocked me down. Then my sister looked at me and asked “Is she the answer?” and I looked up, and this girl who I really, really like and who has been a really great friend to me was sitting on the washing machine, looking at me. She just kept looking at me, not even moving, and I said “Yes.” Then my sister asked, “Is she Juliet?” Then I woke up. I told my sister about this girl about a week before this dream.

-Anonymous, Age 19, Jonkoping, SWEDEN

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