I am 17 years old...The guy I dream about comes to my work frequently. I think he’s really good looking and have a slight crush on him. The only problem with that is he has a girlfriend and a baby.

Last night I had the strangest dream about him. I was at some house and he was there. It was just me and him and we were flirting. I felt like I liked him a lot in my dream. He told me to give him a massage and kiddingly I made him say please.

Suddenly we were on a bed and I was giving him a massage. Then I stopped and we were just talking. He told me that he intends to spend a lot of time hanging out with me because I’m wicked nice. He said that he thought it was nice I would give him a massage. He told me that his girlfriend makes him feel bad inside when he’s with her. He told me he thought I was so beautiful.

During this whole time I thought it was so real and I felt like I was in love with him. I was thinking,“I think he’s the one for me..who’ll love everything about me.” I was so happy in this dream. I didn’t want to remember the fact that he had a newborn baby.

Before I gave him a massage he had cut his hand and I was bleeding. I remember he was wearing a red shirt too. Then suddenly I was somewhere else and watching the news. I was with a bunch of people...and the guy I was just with had been in an accident and we were waiting to see if he was dead or alive. I was so scared and was crying...I thought I would never see him again. This felt so real.

Suddenly the reporter announced he was alive..but he was hurt. There was blood by the car. I was so happy I was crying tears of joy because he was alive. I couldn’t tell anyone around me that I was in love with him because he has a girlfriend.

I woke up at 4:00 am and could not fall asleep. I’ve never had a dream leave me with such an impact. I can still feel it...and it’s all I’ve been thinking about.

Please help me!! I can’t stop thinking about it. I can still feel what it felt like when I was falling in love with him.

-- Anonymous, Age 17, Female, Single, Lewiston, ME, USA

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