In my dream, I felt that it was the end of the world. Everyone was rushing around trying to be with the ones they loved because everyone knew that the end of the world was coming. There seemed to be something wrong with anything computerized. My parents have been divorced for a few years and in my dream I was with my mom, but I was trying to get in touch with my dad so that I could be with him, too. I could not find him anywhere! I felt very frustrated. My most vivid recollections of my dream were the colors. I noticed that the sun was setting (it seemed not to change through my whole dream) and the sky was a bright orange color. I was also looking at the buildings in my town and they were all a gray-blue color. I am very confused by my dream. Could my dream have been influenced by the talk about the year 2000 and all the problems that are supposed to happen? What do the colors represent?

- Mary, Age 17, Aiken, SC, USA

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