I recently got dumped by my boyfriend, Andrew, and I’m not over him. He likes another girl, and has for a while, but she only considers them friends.

During the time we went out I felt like maybe I wasn’t good enough. Right now I just want to talk to him and he’s in one of my classes, but I don’t have the guts to do it. Every night he has been in my dreams, since things started going wrong between us. In them he tells me how much he cares and loves me. They feel good and almost real - so I probably put up with more than I should.

Last night I had a dream that I was walking around a really hilly part of town, with my best friend and her boyfriend. (I envy the relationship they have). Then I found myself walking through all these houses, which were all connected. Some were rich, some were average. I was trying to find Andrew. Then we reached his house (in real life he lives outside the city). We were at the top floor. I walked downstairs and found a baby. I picked it up and relized it was Andrew. I cradled him and then he turned back to normal. He hugged me right in front of my best friend and her boyfriend and said he loved me.

He is always trying to be cool in front of my best friend’s boyfriend. It felt great. What does this all mean???? Please help!!!!!

- Elizabeth, Age 15, Toronto, CANADA

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