I have been crushing on this guy for a very long time and it always seems that when I think we are getting closer, something happens to break us apart. I have liked him for as long as I can remember and think he likes me but we go to different schools and don’t see each other as often as I like.

Anyway, I had this dream that I was walking home from an unknown place and when I got home, his car was there. I went inside hoping that he wouldn’t be upstairs so I could go check my makeup. He isn’t, so I go upstairs and as soon as I get into my room, I turn right back around and see him standing at the bottom of the stairs. I run down and go to kiss him, but all I end up doing is hugging him.

We talk a little about how nice it is to see one another and then suddenly we are in my school. We start walking around and run into two of my friends, Jen and Emily, and start talking. He starts complimenting me to my friends about how pretty I am and stuff, and I turn around to hide my embarrassment.

All of a sudden, I feel someone kissing my neck and ears and I turn around to go to kiss him and my friend Emily starts to get all jealous and yells at me. He asks me to go someplace to be alone so we start walking away while Emily keeps yelling at us. We finally get alone and we are just about to kiss when the bell rings and I wake up!

Please help me and tell me if this means we should be together or I should just give up hope!!! I’m desperate!

—Katie, Age 16, Female, Single, Massillon, OH, USA

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