I’m 14 and I a dream about me and the guy I like. I had this dream that I was pregnant with his kid. When I told him I thought I was pregnant he drove me to the doctor and he stuck with me through the whole thing. Then, I suddenly had the baby and we were both taking care of him. I would get off of the bus with him and the baby and we were the perfect little family. We were going to get married as soon as we were old enough. I tried to hide everything from everyone as long as possible because I knew I would get in trouble. Me and the guy stayed together though. I think I had this dream because I like the guy so much and I want to be with him, so I figured if we had a kid we would have to have a relationship. I’m not positive what it means, so I was wondering if you could tell me.

- Megan, Age 14, Milford, NJ, USA

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