I recently had a dream that made me really sick. I am pretty shy around girls and even if I like someone, I could never tell them because I have a massive fear of rejection. I think that stems back to when I was around 10 and I mustered up the courage to ask this girl to a dance at my summer camp, but she laughed at me and went to her friends to tell them what I said. I used to be fat, but I have lost a lot of weight now and have had plenty of chances to ask another girl out. Anyway back, to the dream...

I was walking with two of my friends down a street at night and I saw a girl who I had never met before. She was wearing (for lack of a better word) slutty clothing and I started talking to her. She gave me a look like “please take me now,” and I threw her into a car and I ripped off her clothes, but then she asked me to stop. I kept on going, however, and she was obviously upset. I was very agressive.

Now that I look back on it, I feel terrible that I didn’t stop and respect her feelings. I am a virgin and I have never ever kept doing anything when a girl feels uncomfortable. What does this mean? Am I going to be a rapist or something?

—Anonymous, Age 16, Single, Male, Syracuse, NY, US

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