I dreamt of myself and my aunt lying beside each other in coffins. I pictured myself walking in this old fashion Christian church unable to recognize where I was and why I was there. I walked up to the coffin and saw my own face and exact body lying there untouched. It was like I was looking in a mirror.

When I looked over to my left I saw my beloved aunt right next to me. In reality I know that my aunt has already passed away and I wondered why I was lying right next to her in a coffin. (IN REALITY: My aunt was like a mother to me since I didn't know my biological mother. She raised me most of my life until she passed. When she died it was a big change for me because I started living with my biological father for the first time.) My question is why would I be placed beside my aunt and why was I looking down on myself as if I was a ghost in reality?

- Wondora, Age 16, Charlotte, NC,USA

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