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Boyfriend's deceased spouse comes back to life.

5 years 3 weeks ago #1 by mistyd7803

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  • My boyfriend (whom I live with currently) and I were at home. His girlfriend/wife, that died a year ago, showed up. (She overdosed on prescription drugs and he woke up and found her dead one morning.) We had his grandson. She basically came in and took over as if she had never been gone. I was in shock at first, then eventually decided that he was in love with her more than me and told him I was leaving. He chased after me telling me that she had deceived him by faking her death to be on her own for a year. I did leave but didn't sleep well thinking that he was with her all night. The next morning, I went back to our house and she was still there. My boyfriend and I had a brief discussion then realized when walking outside that there were tornado sirens going off. There were tornadoes everywhere. There were lots of family at our house, mostly his family, even extended family. We started putting everyone into a very small bathroom in the back of the house when I remembered the cat and the dog. I left to go get them. When I came back, he wasn't in the bathroom. His deceased wife directed me to where he was at. He held me tight as we watched the tornadoes all around us. My mom called concerned about our house. Apparently the house we were in at the time was a vacation home of some sorts. He seemed very happy to have me there and assured me that I was his one and only.I finally told him that I loved him.

    My real life is currently a bit crazy. I lost a very good job and am currently on unemployment, which will be running out soon. I have been stressed about money and finding a job. I'm very very much in love with my boyfriend and never dreamed that there could be a person as good as him available. That being said, I have never gotten up the courage to actually tell him I love him. We do live together, but I came out of a bad marriage, and am still a little gunshy. He lost his wife about a year and a half ago and then went into a relationship with someone that failed rather quickly. He was married three times before finding the wife that he lost. He expressed that they were very happy. I sometimes feel like him being married three times before, that maybe he doesn't hang in there through thick and thin. And him expressing that he was so happy with the last one, makes me sometimes feel as if I'm competing with a dead person. I also tend to have "supernatural things" happen in the house when he isn't home. Lights coming on by themselves, electrical appliances turning off by themself, doors opening to the point that sometimes I shut the same door 10+ times a day. My daughter (who is 6) and I both have seen shadows, and my daughter had pennies fall from thin air into her lap one night. Maybe that will give some of ya'll some insight into my life and help me with interpreting my crazy dream!

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    5 years 3 weeks ago - 5 years 3 weeks ago #2 by Stella

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  • Your dream is actually not crazy at all. In fact, your dream is an eloquent expression of your feelings about your waking life. The symbols tell the story. Here are links to their definitions:

    cheated on (what your bf does with his deceased wife):
    abandoned - by lover (what he did to you in the dream):

    In short, your dream reflects your feelings of insecurity about your relationship with your boyfriend, most likely due to his past marriage(s) and yours. The deceased wife of your boyfriend takes charge in the dream because you feel on some level that she still has an active hold on him. Do you feel that way because he talks about her all the time? Or, is she "in charge" in your dream because you let her be? Is the fact that he was happy with her make you feel vulnerable, because you feel that he is not as happy with you, and cheated on because that's who he thinks about... or are you doing that to yourself?

    The tornadoes in the dream reflect your concern that this "turbulence" is going to ravage your relationship and tear you apart. Your recent unemployment and financial concerns may be responsible for some of the tornadoes on the horizon, but as your boyfriend's deceased wife remains front and center in the dream, they probably have more to do with your and his romantic past. It could be both. Only you can say for sure.

    It's clear from the dream that you care about your boyfriend, but your dream identifies your concerns. If you feel that his constant references to his deceased wife are making you feel threatened, cheated on and abandoned emotionally, talk to him about it. He probably has no idea how it is affecting you. If your dream reflects your vulnerability and/or insecurity due to past wounds, don't hesitate to seek counsel and support.

    As for the other wacky things going on in your house, avoid the temptation to think that it's the ghost of the deceased wife. It is not only unprovable, but it's likely to do more harm to your relationship with your boyfriend. A great handyman should be able to make most, if not all of the unexplained occurrences in the house, go away.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

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