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Demons in my dreams

2 weeks 4 days ago #1 by Scr1pt

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  • So recently, like 2 weeks ago i had a dream of about how i was living in my old apartament with my little sister and my 5 yr old cousin. In the dream there were scary things happening, doors closing, dark shadows running, after seeing these things, in the dream i decided to go outside and ask someone for help. There was an old lady going back to her apartament, i ask her for help and she tells me to take a piece of paper, place it in my room on the ground, burn each side of the paper and then go to church and leave the paper there. After that i started looking for a clean piece of paper, then when i found it, my cousin randomly enters my parents room, closes the door and instantly comes out with pure black eyes, looking possesed. I take my cousins hand and a demon talking through his body tells me that now its my turn to be controlled. I instantly felt the entity or something entering my body, starting to feel incredible amount of power. In the end of the dream i saw that my eyes were black and when i was burning the edges, i could see paterns of roses and Jesus. Since that dream i started having nightmares almost every day about dark entity in my new house, dreams where my pets are scared of it. Does this mean there is really something evil or is this just normal? (Sry for my english)

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