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Nightmare, Lucid Dream or Terror Night. Help me un

2 years 4 months ago - 2 years 4 months ago #1 by KokoSaga

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  • Like every person, I’ve had my fair share of nightmares or bad dreams. Some of them are just regular nightmares, that don’t even scare me that much anymore. And has certainly decreased since I became an adult. Though, sometimes I have these real powerful and terrifying dreams that makes me question if it is a dream or is it happening for real. Sometimes I even fear for my safety. I’ve even experience Lucid Dreams and Night Terrors.

    The reason I’m writing this now to ask for guidance is because I just woke up from one of the worst nightmares or night terror or whatever it was. It definitely place in the top 3. It was nothing I’ve ever felt experienced before and it was way more powerful.

    Before I explain the dream, there are a few facts about me I think you should know:
    I'm 22 year old woman who about a month ago moved to Japan to study the language.
    1) For as long as I remember. I’ve had difficulty to actually fall asleep. Usually it takes at least 40 minutes before I do so.

    2) I rarely have actual nightmares. It is mostly strange dreams that just doesn’t make sense when you woke up

    3) I feel like I have a skill in the ability of realizing when I’m dreaming and turn the dream to bend to my will and I’ve very easy for waking myself up.

    4) I do not mess with the supernatural (frankly I’m not sure what to believe) but my mom is really into mediums and every one I’ve met have told me I work as a magnet for the other side. Very easy to get access to. I’m not sure if this could be a reason for the following experience… maybe you can tell me…

    I went to bed around 1:00 A.M.

    (Following is the Nightmare / Terror Dream – Apologies for being long I really want to get everything I can remember written down to be analyzed. Skip the first part if you want to I’ll mark when it gets serious.)

    I’m outside a mansion. This mansion holds no particular significance to me and I don’t feel a connection to it. All I know is that this is my home now. And people I’ve never seen before call themselves my family. The first night arrives and I’m about to go to bed in my dream (dream inception haha). This is when my stuffed animals at the foot of the bed comes to life. They look friendly but act like menacing little imps that beats, bites and grinds against me.

    This is about the time that I realize I’m dreaming, stuffed animals just don’t come to life and start terrorizing you, unless you live in the Toy Story-universe. Which I didn’t last time I checked. Anyway so I start using my mind to command the stuffed animals and they stop. Returning to friendly sources of comfort.


    Satisfied I close my eyes attempting to go to sleep in my dream. That’s when I hear heavy footsteps in the hallway outside my room. Suddenly, something throws the blanket off and pulls me off the bed roughly. It continued then to hold me by my foot and literally drag me out to the front of the mansion where my dream started. As I fight it, it lifts me by my shirt holds me into the air.
    I can’t see this being that is holding me captive. All I know is that I can hear my heartbeat drumming in my ears and I struggle trying to get free. In my mind I’m doing a mantra. “I’m dreaming! I’m dreaming! Time to wake up! Time to wake up! Go away! I’m dreaming!” It’s not working instead, the creature, spirit, demon or whatever (I still can’t see it, it’s invisible) grabs me by my throat. And I feel the air being cut-off. This is something I’ve experienced in my dreams before. But not where I actually felt like I was suffocating.

    Somehow I manage to get loose. I don’t remember how but I wake up in my bed (thinking I’m not awake). Even though the setting is a new house and a new bedroom. But I feel safe here. Knowing my mom, my real mom is in the room down the hall. I close my eyes to sleep.

    (2nd BAD PART)

    I hear my stuffed animals warn me that “He is coming!” so I decide to go to my mom. She always makes things feel better after a nightmare. But something holding me by my wrists so I can’t rise from the bed. I struggle and eventually give up. Maybe if I try to sleep it will go away, turning to my side and close my eyes.

    Of course it didn’t. As I feel my back being touched almost like it is being pulled or yanked but a lot more roughly. Once again I realize I’m still dreaming. So annoyed and deciding to attempt to take control I again I say out loud. “Oh good! Massage my back while you’re at it…” not my best idea… as whatever it is haunting me, throws me onto my stomach and starts to claw and pull flesh from my back. Or at least try to. A hand pressing my face into the pillow. Actually feeling it hold onto my scalp.
    In a struggle I throw the thing off of me, and as a lie in exhaustion. A strange sensation comes in my shoulder. Just like when you’re trying to squeeze a giant zit or something. Like the huge cysts you see on youtube… Getting very uncomfortable I start asking him (I’m assuming it’s a him).

    His response is… from what I hear, using a pair of old invisible scissors. The classical sound of rusty scissors going at it. And he just cuts pieces of flesh off. The pain is so real. Like I feel the scissors cut into my side, and him pulling off the pieces. The only thing missing is the blood. In a panic state I start to begging him to stop in every language I know. “Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!” A hand pressing onto my neck, stopping the airflow. “Wake up! It’s a dream! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

    And just when I’m about to break down crying. I wake up…

    I wake up… with a huge gasp of air as if I was seconds away from drowning. I’m drenched in cold sweat and my entire body is shaking.

    I look at my phone (which was the thing that woke up as I got an e-mail) and the time says 1:50. I’ve been mapping my sleep patterns for the last three years and as I look at the chart of the night. I see that I had fallen asleep and entered dream state just minutes after going to bed. And it lasted a full 44 minutes (dreams usually lasts about 20 minutes each).

    As I calm down, I realize my back is hurting like someone has been pinching it and now I refuse to go back to sleep. As I remember the moment I had turned off the light to fall asleep. I had felt myself being watched. (Usually I’m just paranoid so I didn’t think of it…) but what if…?

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    2 years 3 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • If not for you, then for others who read this, I want to make sure that we are clear on the terms.

    A nightmare is a dream in which the dreamer experiences intense and horrible feelings from fear/terror and dread to pain IN the dream. These feelings are reflections of how the dreamer feels about the waking life subject of dream at the time it occurred.

    A night terror is actually not a dream at all, but an occurrence during sleep which is due to physiological causes and not at all psychological. Night terrors or confusional arousals are the result of being caught between being asleep and being awake. See:

    Lucid dreaming is, in short, consciousness during dream sleep. That awareness during sleep of dreaming gives the dreamer the ability to change/influence the course of and any aspects of the dream. For more, see

    There is a relevant passage from Charles McPhees book "Stop Sleeping through your Dreams" at:

    The setting of a night terror is always in the bedroom or in a space too dark to identify. Given that, the feelings invoked and what you indicated was a history of night terrors that has diminished since you were young (very common), odds are that these, too, are night terrors. You were caught between being asleep (where you could control some aspects of the mental experience via lucid dreaming) and being awake. There is a lot of information about night terrors at the link above, including what causes them (fatigue) and how to make them go away (sleep with a light on in the bedroom).

    I hope that helps.
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