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Vampires, flying, cemetery, and my baby passed?

2 years 10 months ago #1 by lizreally

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  • Back ground story: So I have a 5 month old baby girl, I've been with her father since June of 2013. I had a depressing pregnancy, and am dealing with postpartum depression. My daughters dad and I fight often, usually over little things but it blows up and turns into a big fight about anything and everything. He has been the only source of income since August and recently lost his job. Anyways, I dreamt that we were carrying our daughter in a sealed black bag because she passed away and we needed to go cremate her. Her dad and I were at a hotel or restaurant and I decided to go walk around a near by cemetery and just look around. Then he and I were walking around sometime later, and a vampire kept chasing us and running up to us, trying to steal the sealed bag with our deceased daughter in it, but he was invisible while running. Then later, we were flying, but I would flap my arms down to thrust myself up, but couldn't stop, so I'd wave them up to "break" or slow down and I'd slam down to the ground again. I couldn't control my flying. Then at the end of the dream, we're laying in bed, on our backs, he has the bag laying on top of him, the vampire is standing at our bedroom door, my daughters father hands me the bag and tells me to set it next to the bed and just give up... And I did. I'm so confused.

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