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Weird dream

1 month 3 weeks ago - 1 month 3 weeks ago #1 by Overdub

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  • Today I woke up scared after this dream I had it left me scared at how real it felt. It was on this male and I. We weren’t dating but I could feel that we had interest in each other. He acted normal being handsome and smirked usually instead of smiling. I could remember after he smiled once that his eyes were different. His eyes always remained intense and possibly emotionless even if he was happy. But I ignored it. It seems as if he was apart of track being surprisingly muscular. We were watching women demonstrate some stretches and I was helping him with a position. I asked politely if he was ok and he rised and nodded. After asking that he fixed my headband I was wearing and formed a heart with it that I saw but ignored. It signalized to me that he liked me. But something about him was just off under that charming face that made me dislike that. Afterwards I don’t remember but he became angered with me making sudden fear wash upon my body. Why? He was so calm yet I could feel his anger boiling. I was being submissive ignoring his anger and acting as if he wasn’t that angry. But I was scared, his eyes were just so scary because of how predatory they were and unreadable.

    I remember inviting him over again trying to resolve the tension but only resulting in the worse. He pulled out a small gun that I remembered from the real world. It resembled the gun from the movie I watched 2 days ago from Detroit. It was small like it but silver instead. I remember taking it lightly yet cautiously. We both were sitting by the window before he looked out. It was the school some distances from my house and was dark outside yet many black cars were their at the school. Now that I think about it the setting must have taken place in my home but totally different interior in the inside. Gunshots were heard and I asked if we should get down but he didn’t reply. Soon I begin distracting him by bringing up subjects so I could take the gun from him which worked. After retrieving the gun his eyes showed emotion. He was surprised putting his hands up. I began expressing how I felt in his unusual possessive behavior and cried. I forced him to call the police which I told them what happened and they took him away. A little relief was left as they checked the computer and some files he sent me that shocked the police and was enough evidence. Once everyone left I still didn’t feel safe and remembered his piercing emotionless gaze.

    I’m 14 years old and a female.
    The males face resemble a male I remember passing from Pinterest.
    I’m not really a lovey Dovey person and don’t trust people easily. I don’t really have a interest in dating.
    I recently read a story involving a male possessive lover who would kill anyone to be her lover.

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