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Sneezing blood to the point of blacking out?

3 years 3 weeks ago - 3 years 3 weeks ago #1 by nope

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  • So I cannot remember when I had this dream but it was someday this week. This is the first ever dream that has ever been in color and to the point where I had confused it with reality usually my dreams are black and white and hard to remember when I wake up. But this one? haha, nope.

    I struggled to forget this horrid dream I can't stop thinking about what it means I need another opinion.

    It was completely normal, I was in my classroom with my awkward friends and everyone else had their group and they were all laughing and whatever and of course I was struggling to keep my eyes open until I sneezed, which was normal for a second but,

    I sneezed again.
    And again.
    Aaand again.

    I literally could not stop the more I sneezed the more my chest hurt and tears were already falling and I guess it was my tenth sneeze that a splatter of blood was on my hand and I only whispered "shit." in a way that sounded like it was normal my school uniform skirt was filled with blood and I guess I looked like I just murdered someone, I opened my bag hoping to find something that could help me and guess what?

    It was full of tissues.

    It was creepy, it really was but I didn't think too much about it I just kept throwing tissues at my face hoping to stop this hazard I could barely see from all the tears and I guess my classmates just noticed they were all freaked out and mostly disgusted about what is happening and because their comments didn't exactly help and made me feel like shit. (excuse my french) I took my tissue-filled bag and ran to the bathroom that was right in front my class and I had noticed the school was painfully quiet except for my class I mean I couldn't hear all the twelvies singing and screaming or the annoying typing sound from my teachers laptop like ma'am please take this money and buy yourself a proper laptop.

    I thanked all the gods for the bathroom door being open because they would often lock it (yes not even joking) because girls would often skip class hiding here and whatnot.

    I went to the first sink gripping the edges as if my life depended on it and I didn't dare look in the mirror (not that I could see anything anyways my stupid tears were messing with my eyesight) after a while of sneezing which made me feel like death I had seemed to fill the god damn sink with blood which was insane. I have no idea how I managed to do and how I managed to live after all of that and everything finally started to get dizzy and blurry (but it was always that way anyways) and I guess I blacked out from blood loss? and after about 5 seconds maybe of complete darkness I woke up and got ready for school.(: ah~

    please tell me what you think this all means I'm willing to add more details if needed.

    someone please help I'm freaking out please please

    -Haneen(: xox

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