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A Private Talk?

3 years 10 months ago #1 by Unknown

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  • This dream has been bugging me for a while now, I really want to know what it means and I just found this site so I thought I would try it out. One reason that I think that everyone is dressed the way they are is that the only time I see her is when I go to conferences for my church. (She has never wore anything like the dress in this dream though!) If you need more information then just ask.

    The dream starts with me walking at the back of a group of acquaintances to somewhere in a city. Everyone is wearing something along the lines of casual (I am wearing a button-down shirt tucked into khakis), except for this girl that I like but never had the guts to try anything except eat with her one time. (It was a disaster, that's all I'm going to say.) She is also at the back of the group, wearing an amazing red dress. Almost immediately she takes my hand and leads me away to an abandoned parking lot where we sit on a wooden bench outside the one of those places where you pay to get your ticket to park. I start to say something but deicide against it just in case I say something that ruins the moment. Then, as the scene brightens with the sun (I can't tell if its rising or setting) she stands as if to leave and says, "We never have a moment alone do we?" I wake up to sunlight pouring down on me. Throughout the dream I felt none of the nervousness that I normally associate with her. The only reason that I decided not to talk was to try and make the moment last.

    Note: I have had sex with many girls that I know but don't love in my dreams but never with this girl. Is that odd?

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