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Dreaming about ex and crush?!

4 years 4 months ago #1 by flow51_2

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  • So confused right now
    So I split up with my ex like 3 or 4 years ago I keep dreaming about him
    I dumped him and assumed I had no more feelings for him
    but obviously my dreams say otherwise
    In my dreams we never act like we're together
    And sometimes I don't even see him... I just know he's there....

    Another dream I had last night: My latest crush (changes all the know how it is - but I really feel something for this guy-) and I were on...I'm not quite sure what...a sort of moving platform in the air
    Then suddenly I don't know what we did.. tickling each other or something.. anyway we fell of the platform and we were falling holding onto each other tightly
    Then we reached the ground still in each others arms on a road somewhere
    We were laughing at how much it hurt falling and how scared we were but we weren't really that hurt and we hadn't really been scared...even though it was a pretty viscous fall...
    Anyway we were still in each others arms when we were finishing laughing/talking
    I said "lets just stay like this for a moment"
    but he lets go of me and says no (or something along the lines of no) and get up

    He gets up and walks over a little behind me so I can't see him
    I half sit up from the ground and I look across from the road and there's a plastic red boat... and that's all I can remember... :huh:

    Anyway I'd love to you what you guys think/your opinions!!

    Thanks for reading! ;)

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    4 years 4 months ago #2 by CC

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  • These are very common dreams for those who are missing something in their love life. Dreams of an ex do not mean that you are meant to be with that person or that you should go back to them. It means that you are longing for some of the qualities that you most liked about that person, at least at one time in the relationship. Here's a link to the definition of an ex in a dream on this website:


    There's also a video on the home page about it in the Listen Now! section.

    As for your second dream, the metaphor is pretty clear. It represents you "falling" for (and with) this guy. Keep in mind that dreams are reflections of YOUR feelings about what is most important to you in your waking life at that time of the dream... not his. As for the little red plastic boat, it could represent several things, not the least of which is your awareness of the relationship being playful and maybe innocent/child-like, given it being a toy... and not yet a substantial one (plastic) at that. Here are links to some definitions that might help explain how it complements your dream:


    Hope that helps!

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