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Dream about drug abuse

4 years 6 months ago #1 by Jenny604

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  • Ok so one night I had a night mare about my friends prom date and she came into my house, we sat down in my old houses couch and the the girl took out a oxy codeine pill crushed up and snorted it. Then after she snorted she bursts out in years crying how she is an addict and needs help, I kept asking if she was ok but she never answered then while she was crying her eyes started twitching and she started having a seizure (like exorcist) then I kept saying are you ok and then I woke up all sweaty.

    This dream really bugged me out for atleast one week after. And it's weird bc me and my friend joke around about her being a drug addict, she looks tired all the time and we know she smokes weed a lot.

    Also, her brother has background with drugs.

    Thanks any help would great.

    No bs answers please

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    4 years 6 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Your dream is most likely a symbolic expression of your feelings about your friend's prom date. Drugs in dreams are a common symbol, but given the background you provided, it might reflect your literal belief that she is an addict. It doesn't mean it's true... just that you feel that it is.

    It's worth also considering the symbolic meaning of drugs in dreams, as well. Here's a link to its definition on this website: Did she do something that gave you the impression that she was/is "out of control" in your waking life, especially at the time you had it?

    Hope that helps!

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