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Lots of Symbolism, or a long string of nonsense?

2 years 10 months ago #1 by MusicEmo

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  • My dream was super long, and I remembered so much of it, I think there is a hidden message.

    My dream started with me going back to my old school (I graduated two years ago) , at it's old location (it changed location six years ago) mostly because I had to use the bathroom, but I figured I'd stop and see my friends as well. I went in and the secretary that retired before I graduated was at the desk and escorted me to bathroom. I did my business and went into the backyard, which looked like mix of both location's backyards. I was greeted by an old crush, who greeted me in his typical fashion. He told me all about a play him and our friends were doing, while the drama teacher stood in the background nodding at the information. I waved to him, and my old crush showed me around at all the props.

    What was about twenty minutes dream time of showing me around I excused myself, because I start sunburning after about twenty minutes of direct sun. When I went I was in a room I've never seen before, in the room were all of our friends, and a guy that KINDA looked my crush, but different. He ran over, kissed my hand, and picked me up (I'm plus size so I've only ever met one guy that could pick me up). He swung me around in a romantic-dance-y manner. My pants started falling down (which happens frequently in real life) I stopped him, fixed myself, and again excused myself.

    In the next room, outside it was starting to get dark and it was raining (in all the previous locations it had been sunny). I walked in and sat in a chair, with my back to the window, the door I had walking it was on the wall to my left, across the room from me, and I could easily see it from wear I was sitting. The drama teacher was sitting there giving a run down to everyone about the blocking, and cast. He got to a kid I was never super fond of in real life. The kids was a good actor, but he was still annoying. When the drama teacher called out his name he started to tear up and asked to be called by chosen name Melanie (Which is also the name of my cousin) and to be refereed to by feminine pronouns. After saying that he began to cry and walked over, and held him in my arms. I reassured him that everything would be fine, and that he'd make a beautiful women someday, and he could ask me for help anytime. Once he calmed down I stood up and left.

    Now my dream took a darker turn.

    I walked up to a dark mahogany mansion I'd never seen before, but acknowledged as my house. It had stopped raining, but it was still a cloudy and there was a full moon (I love the full moon and find comfort in it). The inside of the mansion was only slightly bigger on the inside than it appeared outside, and it was the same mahogany color with dark red and gold accents. In the foyer was a classmate of mine I liked as a friends, his little brother (Who's only two years younger than me), his mom, and my dad. I right way acknowledged that his mom was my step mom and he and his brother were my step brothers (despite my mom and dad being happily married). She told me that my dad and her were going out for dinner. They left, leaving the three of us 'kids' alone. We quickly got ready for bed. Despite the huge mansion, the three of us shared a room.

    The next thing I was, despite still being in the bedroom, was a women I've never seen, with short-medium hair (a little longer than my own) black hair, a white dress that was soiled at the bottom and no shoes, entering the house from the unlocked front door. She was holding a knife. My classmate and I heard the door, and quickly went to check. We saw the women from the balcony (for a lack of better words). We weren't worried at first but when she saw us and started to come at us at a quick pace (she wasn't running per say, but it was quicker than a speed walk, maybe a little faster than a jog), My classmate quickly turned and locked our bedroom door with a key, his little brother still asleep inside, and we ran.

    There was a chase scene, and no matter where we went, the house plan seemed to remain the same aside from the occasional staircase changing, but the layout remained about the same. We ended up hiding in a bottom level bathroom. There were two windows in the bathroom, one from another room, the other outside. The window from the other room was black, but my classmate noted if we weren't careful the women could see us through it, and through the outside window it was still night, and I could see the full moon. We hide the best we could, but there were lights that wouldn't turn off in the room.

    After a while of hiding, we decided we couldn't hide there anymore, because it was unsafe because of the lights. As we left the bathroom we saw the lady, she was across the foyer from us, to our right, with her back to us. As we ran out she saw us and began a chase again. We went directly up stairs and above the bathroom we had been hidden in, was the adults' bedroom, through the window above their bed I could see it was now storming out, with lightening and all, but I could still see the moon. We quickly ran over to the window and decided to jump. We jumped and rolled, like some sort of stunt people (it kinda looked like a video cut-scene), and the women tried to follow us out the window, but landed on something sharp and was killed, her white dress being stained in her blood. We quickly went back to our room, and checked on his brother, who was still somehow peacefully asleep (I could see him breathing). We had a loving step-sibling "I did choice for you to be my step brother, but I still love you." heartfelt and teary moment.

    As this moment happened I saw a scene of a man climbing through a a window into the house. He went to the adults' room and got a pistol. He looked like a character from a video I watched a youtuber play (. Just like before with the women, the villain saw us as we came out to check out what was going on, and like before my classmate locked the door on our room. Like before a chase began, but my classmate and I got separated. I hide under the adults' bed, while my classmate hide again in the bathroom, but now the lights were off. He hide in there, and the man found him. The man began to tease him, whispering under the door (which was about an inch off the ground) and pretending to fire the gun.

    After a couple of dream-minutes of torture my classmate ran over to the door, slamming it open, hitting the man in the head, and I met him at the door.

    After that I made myself wake up.

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