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V replacing Her?

2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 2 months ago #1 by TurokGhost

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  • I had a dream about my sister-in-law (I'll call her V here) & wife. Well it was a short one but a lovely one. It was in my old trailer in the back year the inside is red (as it is in the waking life) but there were two beds opposed of one another. I was on one laying on my side then I felt rubbing on my leg then someone pushing their body onto mine, I turn around to see whom it was and it was her V. I was very happy, then for no reason I move to the other bed there my wife and I lay. The happy feeling was not there, well till I look and notice V was staring at me not mad but as if waiting. I was filled with joy at her eyes meeting mine. She then slowly moved from one bed to the other, but the odd thing is she lay down exactly where my wife had been it was like my wife vanished and V replaced her (to my heart's rejoice). That is how the dteam peacefully ended. I honestly can't even recall a time I've felt so much happiness in a dream and then that same happiness carry over to my waking life.

    Some back story would be that the wife and I haven't been in a healthy relationship all five years of it. She has guy "friends" but I get hell if I would even just look at another female. She's cheated on me multiple time, always seems to be so critical of what I say or do, and avoids/ignores me ALOT. Very minimal things in common, really drugs are the things we more share in common than anything. And that is sad, I now am wanting & starting to walk away from that world Thank Christ. We have no kids so that's a God Blessing!!! I truthfully see the end incoming soon.

    Now the relationship of V and I is the complete opposite. We can talk about anything with ease she doesn't criticize what I say or do, she give me her opinion but not in a rude way. I do feel in her words of her voice that I am considered in her mind. I've told her the feelings of my heart towards her, and she told me her's too all were & are good. My wife knows about that so we (me & V) haven't gotten to see or speak to each other for some time now. Until the dream which was when I finally reached out to V. She actually thought that I hated her or something. But no, I love her it's like twin flames how I feel about her.

    So any suggestions on the meaning to my dream?

    I thank you for spending some time for me.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Love You & God Bless your Life.


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