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help please. stuck on a hill, wild horses below

4 years 7 months ago #1 by along21

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  • Hi I am having trouble interpreting the dream I had last night.
    I walked down a long road (that looked vaguely familiar, I think I have walked down that road before in a dream, I think it is a dream version of somwhere near where I live), and I got to a big green hill, I walked right to the top of it so I could see the view of the city, and once I was right at the peak, I realised I was stuck, as literally hundreds of wild horses started running across, so I could not walk back down the hill, and the other side of the hill was flat so there was nothing to climb down. I ended up literally hanging off the hill, scared I was going to fall off, and at this point I woke up.
    Any help would be great

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    4 years 7 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Your dream is full of common dream symbols that should help you piece together not only its meaning but what it relates to in your waking life. As you didn't include any information about yourself in your post, it's hard to say with certainty what it means, but I'll take a stab at it. First, here are links to the definitions of your dream symbols on this website:

    path (variation of road):
    mountain (variation of hill):
    high up:
    building - skyscraper (variation of city):
    can't get away (variation of stuck):
    cliff (variation of hanging off the hill):

    Again, without knowing anything about your life (your age, career, marital/family situation, etc.), it's hard to say what generated your dream. What is clear is that you are afraid of "falling" (failing) in your effort to achieve a goal. The desire to get a better view of the city from the hill suggests that the issue may relate to your career, as cities with tall buildings are often where business/work is done. You are standing on a hill as opposed to a mountain to see it, so perhaps you are in college (the hill) looking at career opportunities. The stampeding horses (often a symbol for men) could be a metaphor for the many competitors stampeding for the limited jobs in the big city or in your career. They are symbolically keeping you from getting to where you want to go. Ultimately, that metaphor morphs into you hanging on for dear life, so as not to fall of the hill (cliff)... which suggests that you are afraid (for financial or career reasons?) that if you don't get to the city (read: job/career), you might fall or fail in life.

    To identify what part of your life the dream is about, consider how you felt IN the dream. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so how you felt IN the dream is how you feel about the subject of your dream in your waking life. Once you identify where in your waking life you are feeling scared that you might fall/fail, the rest of the dream, including the identity of the horses, should become clear.

    If you don't mind, please share the major issues that were going on in your waking life at the time you had the dream so we can all better understand its meaning and help you connect the dots. In the meantime, I hope that this explanation is helpful.

    Good luck!

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    4 years 7 months ago #3 by H_mess

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  • Hi Adam.

    I do not know what's going on in your life right now so anything I say is just a suggestion to help you think of what your dream could mean.

    The concept of walking down a long road and walking up a hill mean coming to the end of a goal or achieving something after a great deal of effort. It could be a job or relationship... I can't tell you which. But I can tell you the fact that you made it to the top of the hill is a good thing. The fact that you got stuck may mean that after you accomplished this task you didn't know what to do next.... Where do you go now? And the idea that horses coming at you pushing you off the hill could mean you may fail or something bad may happen if you don't tame the wild forces within. Or it could be representing sexual behaviors that cause you to fall. Or it could be a pun for "horsing around" that causes you to fall of the hill. What I suggest to you is to be modest and calm because where ever you are now is a good place. Which is on top of the hill. So don't worry about what comes next and don't goof around or become wild. Simply live day to day and enjoy being on top of the green hill. :)

    Hope it helped...

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