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Dream - van driving itself

2 weeks 1 day ago #1 by koochiemama

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  • Hi

    I am a 52 yr old woman, I’m coming to the end of a 7 year relationship in which I lost myself and put my partner first. I have recently been told I’m coming into my spirituality....

    My dream was I was in a car park and the work van I had ( small dihatsu hi top) started driving itself. I tried to stop it with the door remote but had left the ‘stop’ remote indoors ( I don’t have a work van btw) anyway it was going backwards and forwards and crashing into my other cars ( I only have one) then it drove out of the car park and into a road. I felt panic in case it crashed into other cars and people.. eventually I found it all battered and it had stopped and was amongst people but as far as I could tell it hadn’t hit anyone or anything. I tried to ask as there were no police around but no one seemed interested then I think I was told just to drive it away. I also remember worrying about insurance, work etc... I think the dream ended there. Can anyone interpret this for me? I have been asking my angels, spirit guides to show me my path , the night before that I dreamt of unicorn tarot cards which I didn’t know existed and I bought some yesterday as they are good for beginners apparently. I’m not sure these two dreams are connected.

    Thank you

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