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The weirdest dream I've ever had

3 years 6 months ago #1 by Anime FIre

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  • I had this dream like a week ago but I still remember it clearly:

    It started out with me chasing after my parents when they were going sky diving. After they jumped off, I jumped off too (with a parachute of course) calling to them, then my dream shifted and I landed in Germany in the 1940s, when WWII was going on. I landed near one of the camps where I met 2 other boys my age. They were hiding from the Nazis after shooting at them and freeing some of the Jewish prisoners. I was already all dressed in black so I decided to join them. Then a bike and a shotgun came out of nowhere for me to use. So, the 2 boys and I rode our bikes into the side of the camp and shot some of the German soldiers and freed more Jews. We did this a few times before getting caught by the soldiers. Then, as they were dragging us into this Hitler Youth building, we managed to escape the grasp of the soldiers and ran to the changing rooms for the Hitler Youth where there we found some of the uniforms. The boys went into the boys and I went into the girls. I saw this huge dresser with a lot of shelves and I started ripping through all the shelves until I found every piece of clothing needed for the girls. I quickly tore off my black clothes to find me wearing a pretty, sparkling, formal red dress. I was confused as to why I was wearing it but I didn't have time to think about it as I ripped off the dress and quickly changed into the girls' uniform. I ran out of the girls' changing room and found the boys dressed and waiting for me. All of a sudden, my dad ran into me and he was panicking about being noticed. It didn't seem like anyone in the dream was noticing him so I told him that nobody could was see him and then told him to go outside. After he was gone, the boys and I ran into another room where these German women were practicing for a dancing and singing routine. I saw my mother in it, only to notice that the one directing them was non other than Adolf Hitler himself. I asked him if I could take my mother outside for a moment and surprisingly, he accepted. I pulled my mother literally outside of the building and told her to get out of there along with my father. When I was done and they disappeared, Hitler was suddenly right there next to me and the boys. He was smiling wickedly and I didn't know why and never got to figure it out because my dream shifted again! This time, I was on a school field at an old Hitler Youth building, but for some reason, there were old beds and mattresses where the Hitler Youth slept. Thinking about what I just experienced in my previous dream, I looked down and realized I was still wearing the Girl's Hitler Youth uniform. I was surprised that nobody else noticed. Anyway, we were climbing all over the beds and I was bored so I decided to talk to one of the other students and told him that these beds were cool because people actually slept in them. He was silent after that. It was a weird assortment of where the beds where with all kind of wooden steps leading up to them. One of the kids stepped on one and it broke and that's when I woke up.

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