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Embodying another person while they die

4 years 10 months ago #1 by moneek

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  • Pardon the vague parts of this dream,I woke up after this dream and typed it into my phone half asleep.

    I had a dream that I went to this camp or actually a residential mental Heath facility in what looked to be the southern states. I would say maybe 7-10 of us. 4 women including me, skinny men with thick wavy hair. A fat man with glasses . We all had different levels of anxiety and rage. There was an oldish lady with long grey hair that was our counselor. We would have tea in the backyard under the willow tree and we swam in her two pools. Although we had many good memories we began to see that the old lady (our master) was violent and angry. If one of us disobeyed we would be seriously hurt or killed. She also had little helpers who were missing limbs. After witnessing a few people being killed by gagging, or stab wound, I decided I had to leave without anyone knowing. I found a motor bike one morning and I drove out thinking I was free. I then realized that the others would be punished for my absence. I drove back and couldn't find anyone. I searched the hole plantation. I went into the old barn that resembled a gym locker room that had change rooms. It was dark and moist and also warm like a sauna.
    Than the Master grabbed me and threw me into a stall. To the stall next me the Master began killing a fellow classmate mine. The classmate was my bestfriend, she was beautiful with electric Blonde hair. As I was hearing all of this go down..I felt sick and somehow tranformed into my perception and in my dream I had embodied the other girl and felt the fear of death. The terror and physical pain. I died as my bestfriend and disintegrated into the mist. I was sad but angry I had died.
    I turn back into myself as the door of the stall swings open. She begins choking me and takes this fabric and wraps it around me Into my genitals and pulls as hard as she can ripping me open. She is screaming at me the whole time telling me she has to kill us because we are not being the people we need to be. I argue and Say that I am! her eyes open wide and she lets go. I fall to the ground and she walks away. I run and grab the others and head for the motorcycle.
    We get going, the fat man in glasses says he trusts this woman and won't leave. The master finds us with the help of her limbless servants. she says go to the pool and turn on the red lazer because it will open the garage door. So I jump into the pool and i swim deeply i hit the bottom and i look up and there is a limbless dead baby floating.So me and the skinny boy head off. This time there are massive crocodiles blocking our way. I drove over them As fast as I could
    As we drive along this neverending driveway there is a hungry tiger frantically jumping but sadly has chains around his neck.
    The dream faded to black.

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