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Be sure to provide some relevant information about the dreamer (age, gender, relationship status, etc.), as well as his/her waking life background. Because dreams are reflections of the dreamer's feelings, thoughts and awarenesses about their waking life at the time of the dream, this information should improve the quality of responses received.

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4 years 5 months ago #1 by atlssr

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  • i am supposed to meet my mom at the mall so she can follow me home. I am driving an old convertible sports car that doesn't run well. i am on the highway but the wrong one. the right one is next to me. I finally see how to get over when I am at my exit. I exit and the road ends onto top of building. I jump down off and go to another building across a busy road. Looks like pet shop or zoo. I open a door and there is a huge snake. Close it. owner says that is his special pet snake who is nice. He opens door and I see snake is different colors, especially bright blue. There seems to be an earthquake that bothers the snake. I go next door. I hear a noise like a snake and fearfully open a closet. Yes but not the huge one. There are snakes hidden everywhere. I want to leave. There is a locked electric fence surrounding us (strangers) and holding us in. a man takes his German Shepard outside to look for a key. He takes too long. I open the door and see his severed arm. I don’t like this. I want the movie/dream to stop. it is too violent for me. another man opens the gate. I run toward my car across the busy road. There are snakes hiding in the highway underpass. I trip and fall into a ditch and there is a huge car wreck. Cars pass over top of me. I am safe in ditch. Two cars end up on top of me. Somehow I get out. Now the big snake is out and bites my leg. I scream. It lets go. I run down the hill and want to get away from here. Where can I go that the snakes aren't affected by this earthquake? Maybe I'll run home down this dirt road towards home. I get home and tell men (strangers) what happened. They run back to kill snakes.

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    4 years 5 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • The meaning of your dream should come into focus after you consider the meanings of the many symbols in your dream. Here are links to their definitions on this website:

    car: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/car.html
    convertible: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/def...ons/convertible.html
    driving: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/driving.html
    building: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/building.html
    zoo: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/zoo.html
    snake: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/snake.html
    blue: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/snake.html
    jail (variation of fenced in): www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/snake.html
    body part (severed arm): www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/body-part.html
    accident: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/accident.html
    pit (variation of ditch): www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/pit.html
    bit: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/bit.html
    leg: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/definitions/leg.html
    running away: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/def...ns/running-away.html
    earthquake: www.dreamdoctor.com/dream-dictionary/def...ions/earthquake.html

    You didn't provide any background information about yourself or your life at the time of the dream, so it's hard to say exactly what would have triggered it. In lieu of that, your dream paints a picture of a scary run-in you had in your waking life... one in which you were attacked (and hurt) by a big "snake." The setting of the dream (building, city highway) suggests that it might relate to an issue at work... perhaps, someone who tried to undermine you on the job... someone who, in the end, you feel will pay for their bad behavior.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing some details about what was going on in your life at the time of the dream, I'll try to be more specific.

    Watch out for those dirty little (and big) snakes in your life. Good luck!
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    4 years 5 months ago #3 by atlssr

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  • i do not work due to a disability but i have thought about my old job recently and felt some old anger toward some people there. i have an adult son that stopped talking to me because he feels i tell other people his business. i am dependent on income from others. not much else goes on in my life.

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