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Be sure to provide some relevant information about the dreamer (age, gender, relationship status, etc.), as well as his/her waking life background. Because dreams are reflections of the dreamer's feelings, thoughts and awarenesses about their waking life at the time of the dream, this information should improve the quality of responses received.

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under sedation

4 years 11 months ago #1 by atlssr

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  • how does dream interpretation relate to dreams under anesthesia and drugs? i had several vivid dreams after cancer surgery and sepsis. can these be interpreted just like regular dreams? what about hallucinations while on pain medication? there were green snakes invading my body.

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    4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #2 by Stella

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  • Dreams are expressions of your feelings about what's most important to you in your waking life. The language of dreams does not change when you dream, although your feelings about the waking life catalyst for the dream might be affected, just as they can be in waking life by drugs or other mood altering substances.

    Here is a relevant Q&A I found in the FAQs on this site...

    "Q. Can a person affect what they dream about by food, drugs, or alcohol? Or by any other method?

    A. Some people say pineapple pizza and chocolate gives them wild dreams, but no one has really been able to prove this! Most drugs—sleeping pills, marijuana, alcohol—decrease our dream recall. If you want to influence what you dream about, write down a question or goal for your dream in a dream journal—just before you go to bed. You will usually dream about your question or goal within a week."

    As for the green snakes invading your body, that would seem to be an apt metaphor for the medication working their way into and through your body. Here are links to the relevant symbol definitions that support it...


    Hope that helps!

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