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recurring dream

3 weeks 2 days ago #1 by shoregurlava

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  • these dreams have been happening and coinciding with some certain events in my life, but the last dream has gotten me really concerned.

    so back in early elementary school i bad this dream where i was at a playground and there were two castle-like playsets and one had a sun weathervane, one had a moon weathervane. and my brother looks as me (he was like ten-years old in the dream) "there was a sun and a moon, and we used to pretend" and then later, like years later, i have this dream again but a bit different.

    the next one is somewhere in middle school.
    this time it is an actual castle. and there again, are the weathervanes.
    and then a boy turns to me, hands in his pockets, a plain face. "there was a sun and a moon, and we used to be happy."

    recently, it was like a week ago, it happens again. i am sixteen now.

    this time, it's just a house. a small victorian house, with two towers. my dream house. the sun and moon are on the opposite garrets. my dream house.

    the last two dreams, the sun was on my right and the moon was on my left. but in this dream, now the moon weathervane is on my right hand side when i face it.

    then on the side of the sun a hand tugs on mine. i see the most beautiful androgynous person with tan skin and golden eyes and golden brown hair. and they have tears in their eyes.
    but they seemed so sad and i couldn't hear their voice but they say "there was a sun, and a moon, and WE used to be alive"

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