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Be sure to provide some relevant information about the dreamer (age, gender, relationship status, etc.), as well as his/her waking life background. Because dreams are reflections of the dreamer's feelings, thoughts and awarenesses about their waking life at the time of the dream, this information should improve the quality of responses received.

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Has Anyone Seen this Figure

3 years 4 months ago #1 by dwlanier

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  • I have seen this figure when I was a child and then recently. The only interaction is him sitting on a blade of grass looking at me and I it and then he jumps away.

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    3 years 4 months ago - 3 years 4 months ago #2 by CC

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  • Context is everything when it comes to dream interpretation. So, try to remember what was going on in your waking life at the time you first remember seeing it... AND how you felt about it. Feelings in dreams are never disguised, so how you feel IN the dream is how you feel about its subject in your waking life. How did you feel about this figure IN your dream.... happy, strange, confused, concerned, etc.? Can you correlate that feeling with how you feel about someone in your waking life right now? As dreams are symbolic expressions of our feelings about our waking life, who might it represent for you right now? Obviously, it is a somewhat crude, child-like, stick figure drawing... perhaps of a king or queen with his/her scepter. Does that conjure up any associations with someone you know in your waking life including yourself... or, more importantly, at the time you had the dream?

    If you are still lost, please consider sharing what was going on in your waking life at the time you first saw this in your dream and most recently, when you had it. Who were the major figures in your waking life? Here's a link to the discussion of a cartoon character in a dream on this website that might help you connect the dots...


    Hope this has been helpful.

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